Relocate More Cheaply With Shared Load Moving in Randburg, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban

Why Shared Load Moving Saves You Big

Definitely there a lot of advantages when one works with a team and an experienced leadership. Teams push themselves and accomplish far more when working together. The same concept applies to moving; when you combine your personal goods and belongings of a home with other customers you can take advantage of efficiencies that are not available when your schedule a private move. One of the biggest benefits right off the top will be a lower cost out of pocket.

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Shared Load Considerations

There are number of factors you need to keep in mind when choosing to participate in a shared load move versus your own. These include the time of delivery, how the goods will be packaged in shipping, and the length of duration impact on risk (i.e. more moving around which can statistically result in additional wear and tear).

  • Firstly, the time duration of a shared load is going to take longer. Naturally, the house mover has to deliver to more stops. Your goods will be combined with trips that are already in your destination region and which the house mover is already going to visit. However, each one could still be hundreds of miles from your particular location, which takes time to cover.

  • Secondly, the longer your goods are carried in a shared transport, the greater the possibility that your goods could realize more wear and tear. Most of your belongings will be packed safely and in containers to protect them, but even then rubbing and bouncing can take a toll. Larger items will not have that luxury and will rub against transport walls as well. The best of house movers will be challenged to keep goods untouched for extensive periods of time. To avoid this entirely, private shipping is an alternative, but the tradeoff is a higher cost for the same trip and load.

  • Thirdly, shared loads move around and consolidate to achieve efficiencies of less vehicles being used. However, that means your goods could be split up in different containers, depending how they best fit in different transports. That also means your goods will arrive at different times on different shipments versus together all at once.

Given all the above, many clients wonder if there is any advantage to shared load, but when they see the different in cost, it can make quite an impression. And that can overcome a lot of the concerns about the above risks or at least make them a lot more tolerable.

How is It All Possible?

How do house movers provide such a difference in savings? The economies happen by storing as much as possible in as few vehicles as possible for the same trip. This means a reduction in labor, fuel and vehicle costs, which can be considerable. It’s also the reason why private trips cost much more because the shipper has to make up for the considerable cost of one trip that can be spread across multiple accounts and customers.

Share load furniture removals and moving are not for everyone, but for those working on a budget or with home goods that aren’t such a big worry and durable, it can be a very smart way to move with a far smaller outlay of financial commitment involved. That can then mean more ability to settle in at a new location versus feeling strapped after a big hit. To find out more about whether a shared load approach is right for your situation give Megashift Logistics a call or drop a text or email.

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