How to Choose Your Furniture Movers?

Attached to the excitement, nervousness and fun of moving to a different place comes the headache of choosing the right mover particularly for your costly furniture. Don’t worry! You are now alone. Most of us face the same problem. Did you know?
Every year, there are countless complaints of bad movers especially at times when there is a huge demand. Every mover would claim to be the best until you take their services and find out that the results are otherwise. On top of it, there are even companies who don’t have their fleet of trucks or staff to efficiently and effectively handle the work.
They often outsource the project to someone else and that’s when the lack of ownership and poor experience occurs. As a customer, you have to exercise a lot of caution while choosing the mover. We are here to make your job a bit easier through this detailed article. Let’s waste no more time and get started! Here are some of the factors that you should keep in mind while choosing your furniture mover:

Ask for Recommendations from your family members or friends

To find a trustworthy mover, sometimes the advice of our friends and relatives helps. So ask your friends whether or not they know any good movers around the region. If any of your friends or realties have previously hired them for moving then they would also be aware of how effectively and efficiently they carry out the work. Furniture moving requires care, precautions and responsible handling of the goods. So pay some attention and watch out before hiring a furniture removal company or furniture moving. In fact best companies add extra layers of a safety cushion to ensure there is no scratch or damage to the costly furniture.

Search Online


Perhaps this is the first thing you are going to do anyway, right? Well, wait! While searching there are a couple of things that you should keep into consideration because not everyone who is on top of the search results would be the best. That’s when a little bit of research helps. You should explore as many options as possible before finalising the contract. Speak to them to understand more about their services and their packages. Check their testimonials, customer reviews and complaints on various social media platforms and also on consumer forums.
As soon as you identify any red flags, you should not hire that mover. Positive testimonials from the satisfied customers, who have previously availed services, is a great way to tell if a furniture mover will deliver the same results as they promised.

Do your Homework

It is always prudent to know the distance that has to be covered, the number of items you want moved and approximate weight of the goods. This information would help you communicate your requirements with the mover and set out clear expectations. If any of the items need extra care such as fragile items like glass tables, or premium leather sofas, then you should communicate it to the vendor straightaway

Resources and Quality of services

Do a bit of research and find out if they have all the resources available to smoothly do the job. They should have their fleet of trucks to transport the furniture and the staff must be fully trained. Ask these questions before finalising anything. This would give you a good idea about the capability of the mover. Seek assurance from them that they will safely and carefully move the furniture and other items without any hiccups. You should also ask them questions like why should you hire them and what makes them good? Answers given by them would tell you a lot of things and help you decide.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

You should look for red flags at every point of your interaction with the mover. if they back out on their words or sound unprofessional or lack expertise or tell you about limitations and exceptions which are not comprehensible then you should not hire the mover. Not having enough resources can also be a reflag you should watch out for.
The company should not demand more than the standard pricing. The price they quote should be acceptable and they must not add any hidden charges later. Do check all of these things and set the expectations right at the very start of your discussion with them. Don’t forget to get the cost estimates and deliverables in writing, including all the charges and taxes included.

Final Word: Doing due diligence is important to ensure you get best and smooth services. A few efforts, in the beginning, can save you from the massive inconvenience which may arise later. You may get in touch with us for affordable, responsible and hassle-free moving services Johannesburg. At Mega Shift Logistics, we know what our customers look for in a good company. We are one of the best and most trusted furniture movers Randburg. Speak to us to get your doubts cleared and your queries answered. We are here to help!

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