Tips for Choosing the Best Packers and Movers Company?

In a time like these, choosing the right Packers and Movers may require some efforts and knowledge. But don’t worry! We are here to share some expert advice and tips so you can choose the right one effortlessly.

Whether you are searching online or offline, you need to first find out more about their business and its authenticity. Everyone claims to be the best movers and packers but only when you avail the services you find out how it actually is.

It is important to not fall into the trap and exercise some caution before you hire them. Here are some of the factors that you must look at:


If it is online then try and find out more about the business. Check their website and social media handles to know what kind of services they are engaged in. Read their customer testimonials, reviews and complaints.

You can search more about them on various forums. Good companies keep everything intact. They know how important online presence is. They should also be easily contactable i.e. there should be customer service number for queries and complaints.

If you are searching offline then it is best advisable to go and speak to the company if convenient. It is only when you speak to them; you would find how good they are depending on their conversation with you. Do also search about the online to find out more!

Safety and Handling

Relocation comes with a lot of risks and safety challenges. A good company understands this and ensures all your goods and accessories are fully protected and safely moved to the desired location. Good Packers & Movers in Randburg know the fact very well that when a client chooses a long-distance moving, there’s a lot of trust which goes into that decision. Clients expect the company to insure the property which is being transported with the best care, without any damage, and without any kind of loss. Although, these may seem to be simple things but a good service provider would know its significance

Compare the Prices

You should always compare the prices offered by the mover and packer company with that of others. You should always negotiate and find the best quote. Experts also advice not choosing someone who offers below par rates because in that case they may be outsourcing the work to a third party which may involve further shifting of goods from one truck to another. This saves them cost but adds unforeseen trouble to the clients. You should be careful about these aspects and go for a company that has its own fleet of vehicles to move the goods seamlessly.

Transparency (No hidden costs)

A good company is always transparent about services offered and keeps the client updated of their actions. They would inform you of all the charges and fees beforehand. You need to look for these little signs at the time of negotiating with them. Ask them categorically about the charges. You should also discuss with them about how safe your furniture, goods and items are. Good companies add extra cushioning and lamination for sensitive items including furniture. Check with them about not just moving but also removal of furniture and goods.

Conclusion – You need to do some homework before finalising the movers and packers. Although we understand that these decisions do not often leave us a considerable frame of time to ponder upon and assess the options. But, it is a good thing to do. You should take some time to review the company before you make your final decision. If you are looking for trustworthy movers and packers in Randburg or looking for removal companies in South Africa then you are at the right place. At Mega Shift Logistics, we put ourselves in our customers’ shoes while delivering the best services. Speak to us for more!

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