What Should You Know Before Moving to Johannesburg?

Johannesburg, the city of gold! It is not just the capital of the wealthiest province in South Africa, Gauteng, but also the most powerful commercial center of the whole African continent.

Interestingly it is also one of the youngest cities in the world. That is why there are a lot of new crowds coming to Johannesburg. For plethora available opportunities.

But moving to Johannesburg comes with several perplexities, some like any other city and some specifically related to Johannesburg.

Before hiring furniture movers in Johannesburg, you should do complete research about that city. You should be fully prepared for the place you are going to stay now.

This will help you in making the moving process smooth and minimize the moving blues.

What to expect when you are moving to Johannesburg?

If you are coming down to Johannesburg from a long distance, make sure you hire professional moving services in Johannesburg.

It will ensure the safe arrival of your furniture and other valuable stuff.

Johannesburg might not be the largest city, but it is the heartbeat of South Africa. Here are some key points that you should expect when you are moving to Johannesburg.

Low Cost Of Living

As the city is young, the average salary in Johannesburg is comparatively lower, but the cost of living in Johannesburg is also less than European cities.

Expat in Johannesburg enjoys a higher living standard as they get higher purchasing power, which makes easy to rent or buy a home.

Great Weather – The weather of Johannesburg is as pleasant as the people here.

It never gets too hot or cold, and you get to enjoy the sun almost every day. The air is never humid, so you can survive without air conditioning.

In winters, it hardly gets lower than 20 degrees in the day.

World’s Friendliest People

Joburgers are known as the most generous people in the world. Johannesburg is full of friendly and welcoming people.

They invite visitors to their homes; treat them like their own family members.

You will be offered help beyond anything you need, often by random strangers.

Multicultural City

Johannesburg is a multicultural, multiracial, and diverse city. There are two China towns, an Indian town, Portuguese, Greek, and Italian enclaves.

You might also feel you are in Italy sometimes, as there is a tremendous influence of Italian culture here.

How To Plan Your Move To Johannesburg?

Even if you are not moving for the first time, planning your move is necessary.

Without strategic planning, moving can be stressful, time-consuming, and even cost a lot more than required. Here are some points to keep in mind while moving to Johannesburg.

Finding Accommodation in Johannesburg

Finding a place to live in Johannesburg straight away could be difficult. But, there are a lot of furnished apartments and houses available in popular expat areas.

Visas and Permits for Johannesburg Expats

Visitor’s Visa

The majority of people visit Johannesburg with a visitor visa. It is a great idea as you get time to get familiar with the city, its atmosphere, and its culture.

Temporary Residence Permits

If you have decided to relocate to Johannesburg, you can get temporary residence permits. The South African government has established 12 temporary residence permits tailored to fit the needs of various groups of people interested in spending a prolonged period in Johannesburg and the rest of the country.

Business Permits

If you are moving to Johannesburg with the plans of establishing your own business, this is for you. You are required to have a detailed business plan addressing all the specifics of your new business, in which you need to invest at least 2.5 million ZAR.

Intra-Company Transfer Permit

If you are moving to Johannesburg with the plan of working in a Johannesburg-based subsidiary or branch of your current employer, this is the permit you want.

Include your original employment contract and a written confirmation of your transfer.

How moving companies help in settling in Johannesburg?

Johannesburg’s professional moving companies can handle all the tasks associated with moving more efficiently. As you are new in the city, you might require help from movers for settling in the city.

Providing All The Packing Materials:

Using the right kind of packing materials is the key to safe moving. You don’t have to spend time on store trips for buying boxes, packing tapes, papers, and bubble wraps. Full-service movers have everything required, including shipping supplies like furniture blankets and additional padding.

Packing up your belonging

Packing is one of the most cumbersome part of the moving process, but you don’t have to make all the efforts alone. A professional packing and moving company will pack up your entire house for you.

Truck loading and unloading

No matter how strong you are, you are not ready to lift heavy furniture by yourself. Leave it to the professionals! They know the technique and have the proper equipment.

Transporting your belongings

Transportation is the most important part of the whole moving process. Delivering the goods safely to the destination. Furniture movers in Johannesburg ensure that all your furniture are safe and delivered on time.

Moving to a new city is a big moment in anyone’s life. Try to keep it as smooth as possible.

Family and friends are there for emotional support, and for everything else, hire Megashift Logistics. Our professional moving services unwind the stress of moving.

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