10 Tips for Moving in 2021

Moving without preparation can be extremely stressful, and we all agree with that. Choosing to move within the state or across borders is never an easy job, particularly during the festivities. 

The countdown to festivities has already started. You need to take care of many things such as organising a home removal, visiting friends and relatives, taking time off work and preparing the checklist of activities. If you have a lot of questions or you’re wondering how you can make the whole process of moving seamless and less stressful, you can consider hiring movers and packers, and here are the 7 reasons why.

Without any further ado, let’s get started with the expert tips and advices for moving on New Year.

Get Organised – Start planning as soon as you can, because that would give you a lot of advantage. We often make the mistake of waiting and leaving it all till the last minute. It often adds a lot of pressure. You should get organised – make a list of activities, start with the removal process and start searching for a good Moving Company Johannesburg or wherever you are. There are lots of movers in Johannesburg, but you should always do some homework before finalising.

Make Moving Crew Reservations Early – Don’t forget to book the slots and make early reservations for carefully execute the moving process.

Create a packing strategy:- packing with a planned strategy is always better. You could segregate your stuff on the basis of material or use or the area they belong to. for example:- kitchen stuff in to one box and toiletries stuff in another box.

Use Clothing and New Paper as Packing Material– If you don’t want to spend money on packing paper, you can use old newspaper as long as double-up you fragile items. Newspaper is thinner than most packing paper. Also be aware of Ink!

Find a Storage Unit Ahead of Time – If you need storage, then do some research and find the best quotes for storage well ahead of time otherwise, it may cause some delay.

Take a Break – Don’t forget to take a break in between the chores. The key to better planning and execution is a healthy mind and body. Keep taking breaks to rejuvenate you, be it while moving or once the moving process is complete.

Don’t try to unpack everything at once – Plan the moves and unpack the items at intervals. You need to do it carefully. Once the mover drops the items you would have ample time to do the unpacking. 

Don’t be a Grinch – Keep enjoying the festivities and moving both. Don’t be a spoilsport! If anything goes out of expectations then don’t be a Grinch.

Embrace The Spirit Of Giving – Giving is the ultimate bliss. Indulge yourself in the spirit of giving no matter how small. Kindness is the best service to god. so, if you have any items for paring down, you can donate to the needy ones.

Get To Know Your New Neighbourhood – Once the process is complete and you are all settled, you must spend some time getting to know your neighbourhood and the surrounding. It is always good to make a few acquaintances before you shift to the new place.

Final Word – Now that you know the key aspects and tips, we hope the process will be easier. You should not forget anything by focusing on the things that you need. Don’t forget to make a list of items. Lastly, moving out can be expensive particularly at the time of New Year. You need to find a good mover company to ensure you get the best experience.

A good company will help you throughout the process and also offer additional services as and when required. That’s exactly what we do at Mega Shift Logistics. We would love to help you if you’re moving during the festive season. We offer end to end moving services and take care of every aspect so you don’t have to worry about anything. We know moving is often stressful but not with us! Contact us today to know more!


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