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8 Types Of Moving Services

No matter if it is for your residential purposes or commercial, choosing the right moving services is crucial for everyone. Amidst the ongoing pandemic, it has become all the more important to find a responsible moving partner. Moving industry is poised to witness significant safety upgrades because of COVID’19. The industry has been evolving for many years and when it’s time for you to move (whether it is locally, interstate or cross borders), there are just enough moving options available for you. To help you educate more on this, we have put together this detailed article.

Let’s find out common types of moving services!

Local Moving Services

Local Moving Services

Local moving companies help you relocate within a 100-mile range. The charges are usually on an hourly basis. This is done by small local movers which are typically non registered operators with the license to offer the services. Simply put local moving services cover the local region and are helpful if you are moving within short range. However, before hiring anyone, you should check factors like whether or not they are properly licensed, there are no hidden costs and they should be trustworthy.

Residential Moving Services

Residential Moving Services

Residential moving companies often specialise in moving household items. You can hire these companies at the time of buying or selling a house when you lease gets over or you simply decide to move to a better place. This is when you would have to hire residential moving services. They are one of the most preferred service providers as they typically take care of the end to end the moving process. Though, it depends on the company you hire.

Shared Load Moving Services

Shared Load Moving Services

It is apparent from the word ‘Shared’ that this type of moving service uses a combination of shipments which is known as shared load moving services. This is where two or more customers often share one truck which is going in the same direction and share the cost of moving the goods to the delivery destination. The final price is assessed based on the space occupied by the goods in the truck. In some cases, other types of moving companies also use shared load moving services to cut down on costs.

Furniture Removal Services

Furniture Removal Services

Removing the goods from their place and carefully packing may require some heavy lifting and a lot of care. This is where a furniture removal company comes into play. Furniture removal services take care of everything when it comes to safely and carefully remove the furniture from one place to another. This is further divided into two types:

●      Office Furniture Removal Services

●      Cross Border Furniture Removals Services

But How to Choose Your Furniture Movers?

Not all moving companies are good. Ask those who have been disappointed by rogue movers, the stories would be plenty. That’s why some caution needs to be paid while choosing the right moving companies. Most customers end up choosing the wrong company because they are in dire need of these services. But don’t worry! We here to help you choose the right one so you can easily avoid falling into the trap and choose the best furniture movers:

●      Ask for recommendations from your relatives and friends

●      Do some research about the company before you hire them

●      Check their feedback, online reviews and customer complaints.

●   Speak to them before finalising anything or making payment considering a lot of movers are now online too.

●      Watch out for things like their commitment, timelines, cost estimates and services.

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House Moving Services

House Moving Services

Much like other services house moving services cover a range of services which includes removals, unpacking and moving your items to the destination. Although, the range of services varies from companies to companies. You need to check with them about what is covered and what not.

Long Distance Removals Services

Long Distance Removals Services

Moving home and arranging the move is often considered one of the most stressful events in life.

You have to call too many people and take care of so many tasks which can be overwhelming. But, thanks to services like Long Distance Removals. It covers all of the hassle for you, Right from removals to organising, packing and storing the goods everything is taken care of.  However, you have to check a couple of things before hiring anyone such as they should not have any complaints or negative client feedback, there is enough information online to validate them, proper licenses, open to negotiations and must be capable of handling projects.

Partial moving services

Partial moving services take care of limited services. You can also get it to tailor-made so if you are only looking for certain sections of the services then partial moving services may be the best option for you. It includes the following aspects:

●      Packing services – Includes packing the goods and furniture. It covers all types of goods including furniture and sensitive items. This usually requires a lot of care and caution while packing the items. Goods made up of glass and sensitive material usually require safeguarding and care.

      Loading and unloading services – Goods are properly loaded onto the truck and carried to the destination with care where it is then unloaded by expert staff. In the case of commercial moving, advanced equipment is used to load and unload the package.

●      Pickup and delivery services – Includes picking up of goods which are then delivered to the destination by the company itself so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

●      Small load moving services – Section of the service includes small load moving services which are applicable for moving only a few small items such as refrigerator, TV, Sofa, or any other objects. If you don’t have too many things, small load moving services can be a great choice.

●      Storage services – Storage services ensure all your goods are properly and responsibly stored under good care and supervision. It is used in all those cases where extra caution is needed or goods need to be stored at a different place for some time or days until it can be sent to the destination.

Self-service moving

Self-service moving

Self-service moving is where you organise everything on your own. Right from packing to unpacking, removals and shifting, everything is managed by you. You can customise the process as per your requirements to enjoy better flexibility and control.

Final Word: Every year, not only in Johannesburg but also around the world, we hear daily reports and many social media posts sharing the details of bad movers. This increases during the summer months because moving services are in high demand and therefore they either compromise with the services or don’t have enough expertise to handle it responsibly. You need to perform some due diligence before hiring a moving company in Johannesburg or anywhere you are.

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