Shared Load Moving: Types, Pros & Cons

What if you could bypass the stress of packing and transporting your belongings without a high price tag? Shared load moving may give you the solution to all your moving-related headaches. Whether you are looking to move some bulky items or just a few boxes, you may find that shared load moving not only costs less but also simplifies this process of relocating.

What is Shared Load Moving?

Shared Load Moving involves multiple customers shipping their belongings in the same moving truck. This means that they only pay for the space that they use on the truck. Thus, you are not paying for the use of the entire vehicle. Instead, you are charged for space that your belongings take up.

Types of Moving Services

House Removals

To avoid the stress and labor of moving, you can employ the services of a house removal firm. This category involves removing all your items, big and small, from your current residence to your new one. House removal firms vary somewhat, though, in the services they offer. For example, some are limited to loading your goods onto the truck and transporting them, whereas others do the packaging.

Long Distance Removals

Long-distance removal involves moving from one city or suburb to another as opposed to local services. Likewise, long-distance movers offer different services from moving vehicles to moving your household possessions. Plus, a long-distance removal service will take care of any necessary paperwork for transporting goods and handle all route planning that involves long distances.

Storage Services

A firm that takes your boxes and furniture to a secure, climate-controlled facility is offering storage services. This can include either short or long-term storage.

Hoisting Services

Because this is a hazardous task that only professionals should tackle, you can also enlist the help of a hoisting service. This service comes in handy when you have a multi-level home, or if you are moving to an apartment building with narrow hallways and stairwells where bulky items will not fit and must be lifted to a window. In this case, a team of 3 or more movers ties up the thing and lifts it to its destination (with two movers handling the rope while the third guides it).

Packaging Services

Packaging services simply pack your items for shipping. Some offer different selections such as a per-room packaging choice (where you only need items packed from one room or the kitchen) or the choice of having all household items packed or created.

Furniture Removals

Plus, you can simply choose to have your furniture prepared and shipped by a shared load moving service or another mover that specializes in transporting furniture to your new residence. Another perk to this type of service is that you can opt to have your old furniture taken to a donation or recycling facility.

Pros of Shared Load Moving

Timely Delivery

You can rely on professional movers to get your load where it belongs on time. Plus, most companies provide a tracking service so you can get status updates.

Personalized Packaging of Goods

Aside from not having to buy the boxes yourself, you can benefit from professionals taking on one of the most difficult parts of moving, which is packing. Experienced professionals can package or create your belongings with the utmost care and the best packing materials that will protect them.

Minimal Handling of Your Goods

Along with the careful packaging of your possessions, professionals will not handle any items more than necessary.

Cons of Shared Load Moving?

Slightly Delay in Delivery

Although movers try their best to promptly get your load to its destination, there is still a risk of your items arriving late. With many factors affecting travel, such as road conditions and weather, you cannot set a specific time for delivery.

Rare Chances of Wear & Tears

Another consideration pertains directly to the “sharing” aspect of this service. The movers may have to shift your packages around to get the other person’s belongings. Thus, there is more of a chance of wear and tear on your stuff.

Pricing Varies Due to Location

If you choose a shared load moving in some places, you might not be saving that much money because there might be consolidation fees that apply. Along with this, delivery charges depend on the location of the consignments.

Why Choose Shared Load Moving?

Now that you have become familiar with the pros and cons of shared load moving along with the selections of services, you can start vetting moving companies that will streamline your moving experience while staying within your budget. This involves finding a licensed mover who carries the proper insurance coverage in case of damage and provides excellent service by highly skilled professionals. Megashift Logistics is a prime example of a registered mover in Randburg that possesses all these qualities. Overall, you can gain a big advantage by hiring a shared load moving service that can carefully package your valuables and safely transport them to their proper destination. Sharing the space of the vehicle and expense saves you a nominal amount without sacrificing safety and quality.

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