Office Moving Checklist 2021

Moving to a new office is a very stressful task for any business. You have to analyze everything you are required to move, make several lists to keep the office move systematic, and then plan for a stress-free move.

Half of the time of office moving is just planning these things. With an office moving checklist, you are prepared with a plan and ready to handle any mishaps.

Step 1: (Planning)

Six Months Before Your Move

Whether you are a small-scale business or a big company, you should start planning six months before. Here’s what you should do:

Review Your Current Lease: Look for any dues that you have to clear. Check with the landlord and ask with there are any formalities that are supposed to be completed.

Set a Budget: Always pre-decide your budget. It will prevent you from overspending.

Get Quotes from Moving Companies: Once you have decided on the budget, search for the companies that can fulfill your requirements and determine if you need moving coverage. You can shortlist 2-3 companies and ask for quotes from them.

Step 2: (Preparing)

Three To Four Months Before Your Move

Hire An Office Moving Company and Lock in Your Moving Date: After reviewing all quotes from different movers and finalizing everything with the moving company you find most suitable, make a reservation and set other moving arrangements.

Notify Your Current Landlord: The next step is to notify your landlord about your move and let them know when you are planning to terminate the lease.

Create a Moving Plan: Next, make a proper plan and inform other services like internet and electricity connections about your move.

Assign Responsibilities To Team Members: Assign different tasks to the team members or people moving along with you. So, they are prepared for the upcoming move and know what their responsibilities are in the move.

Notify Employees, Local Partners, Affiliates, and Suppliers: Make sure that your relocating isn’t affecting your business. Inform business partners, clients, employees, and suppliers beforehand. They should also be aware that you are relocating.

Review Special Office Items Furniture or Equipment: If there’s anything that is supposed to be handled with special care, make sure you have notified the moving company. They will be more careful with that item and can also professionally help, if required.

Step 3: (Moving and Organising)

Two months before your move

Design a Floor Plan: Map where you’ll put the equipment and find the appropriate place for them. Large items can be immediately placed if you can make sure they are in the right place, so you don’t have to shuffle things later.

Arrange Phone, Computer, and Internet Installations: You definitely don’t want to waste more time in shifting and settling down. Find a company that can do phone and internet installations efficiently for you.

Update Company Address Listings: Updating company address in listings is very important once you have shifted. It will inform people that you have relocated.

Step 4: (Finalising)

Two weeks before your move

Finalise Plans With Your Moving Team: Make the final decisions with the team, like the date and timings of shifting.

Back Up Important Documents and Data: Double ensure that you have saved the necessary documents and data, just in case something gets misplaced or damaged.

Step 5: (Inspection)

One week before your move

Survey Your New Office Before Moving Day: It’s always good to inspect all electrical connections before settling. Make sure nothing is damaged or uncovered wire.

Review Your Moving Day Schedule: Plan what you have to do on a moving day, what should be ready for the movers when they arrive. Decide who will be available to receive and take care of the furniture and other equipment.

Remind Employees To Pack Up Personal Belongings: Make sure all employees have packed up their personal belongings.

Step 6: (Packaging and Labeling)

The Day Before Your Move

Finish Packing And Labeling: Ensure everything is packed and labeled correctly. You need to avoid making packing mistakes or unpacking will become more tidious. Remember to inform the person who is supposed to take care of this task.

Step 7: (Final Step)

On A Moving Day

Do a Walk-Through of Your Vacated Office and Document any Damage: It is the final step. Go through everything and make sure you have not forgotten anything. Also, check whether if something has been damaged while moving.

We hope this information will make your office moving process easy and smooth. Office moving is a crucial task, so you might need a logistics company to help you with the whole process. You never know what hurdle can come across and spoil your plan. A professional company can make the process stress-free and also provide you with additional services if required.

That’s what we do at Mega Shift Logistics; we make office removal in South Africa a stress-free process. We take care of the furniture from packaging, labeling, move to delivery. Contact us today to know more! Make your moving stress-free!



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