Common Mistakes to Avoid When Removing Furniture

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Removing Furniture

Moving day has arrived! Naturally, you might feel excited about the transition to your new home, but nothing saps the life out of a new beginning than broken furniture or damaged walls. For this reason, we offer our tips for furniture removal to prevent mishaps as you embark on your journey to your new place.

Lack of Planning

While some people might think that moving requires little planning, such is not the case. The process involves more than just taking a few boxes and the furniture out of the house and loading them into a moving truck or trailer. It actually requires some strategizing, like measuring doorways, disassembling some pieces, and figuring out how to get the largest pieces into the truck before the smaller items. Additionally, you would need to plan ahead for having moving blankets and the appropriate wrapping on hand to avoid any delays.

Disregarding Proper Packing and Labelling

And one of the worst furniture removal mistakes is not packing your possessions properly or labelling them. Some items require disassembly while others can stay intact, but either way, you’ll need to make sure everything is wrapped or boxed in such a way that protects both the furniture and everything else around it. Furthermore, taking a few minutes to label all your items saves hours, if not days, of sorting through boxes once you arrive at your new home.

Not Protecting Floors and Walls

Along with your furniture and other belongings, you must take the time to protect the floors and walls of both houses–the one you’re moving out of and the one you’re moving into. Having to make repairs to two places within a fleeting time limit makes for a chaotic transition. Also, any chair or table legs will need to be covered with protective caps that prevent floor scrapes and scratches. In fact, furniture sliders and moving blankets prove to be quite efficient and protective. Plus, whoever is moving the large pieces of furniture should take extra care not to dent the walls.

Neglecting Proper Transportation

Proper Transportation

Another vital measure for preventing furniture damage is to use a moving truck with an enclosed shell in the back or an enclosed trailer. Borrowing a friend’s pickup (or using your own) may seem like the least expensive alternative to hiring a moving company, but you’re looking at having to pay a hefty price if the furniture falls off the back of the truck and causes an accident. Or you might have to replace some pieces if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Skipping Safety Precautions

An additional common mistake is leaving yourself, and those who are helping you, vulnerable to serious injuries. Some people may think that they’ll never get hurt when moving furniture, but it can happen–and it’s preventable. Thus, you’ll need to ensure that walkways stay clear and to use dollies and hand trucks when moving large items. Additionally, you should wear work gloves to protect from splinters and to provide traction and the proper work shoes to prevent slipping.

Underestimating Doorways and Tight Spaces

To avoid furniture removal mistakes, you should also measure doorways, rooms, and hallways before you even start disassembling and packing your possessions. For starters, you’ll be able to see right away if your furniture will even fit into the new place or if some of it will need to be replaced if it can’t be disassembled to where it’ll squeeze through. Also, if you find that a certain piece will barely make it through, then you can take steps to protect the doorway and/or hallway from getting dented.

Not Disassembling Furniture

By now, you may have noticed how often we mention how important disassembling is. Yes, it takes time and extra effort, but you’ll avoid everything from broken items to broken arms by moving a few pieces at a time. For the most part, you’ll only have to remove shelving or legs which means that disassembling won’t take up an entire day.

Rushing the Process

And speaking of time, ideally you should take your time and not rush the removal process. When you get in a hurry, you make mistakes–expensive and hazardous ones. When you plan your move carefully and allow for enough time to relocate your possessions safely, you won’t have injuries or repairs to deal with.


It’s important to keep in mind that to prevent any mishaps during furniture removal, it’s always better to hire a professional team like Megashift Logistics. These movers specialise in packing, transporting, and removal of furniture, as well as using the correct equipment for the job. With their expertise, they can move your home or office belongings securely and efficiently. Remember, moving is not a do-it-yourself project, so it’s best to Contact the professionals for a quote and more information

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