Tips for Choosing the Right Local Moving Company in Cape town

It takes several years to build a beautiful home, doesn’t it? We all buy our favourite furniture, wardrobes, glasses, cabinets, television, bed, appliances and whatnot. The real challenge arises when it is time to move. The moving process can be a tricky one and a lot depends upon who you hire to do the job. You constantly worry about your precious goods. Choosing the right moving company is essential to a safe and smooth transition to your new place and location. If you are someone looking for more tips and advice on how to choose the best moving company in Cape Town then you are at the right place. Let’s find out!

How to Find a Reputable Moving Company in Cape Town

Before you make the final decision, it is important to ask these important questions. Doing this homework will save you from embarrassment and the associated risk of making a bad choice.

1. Does the Moving Company have a Physical Address?

You should thoroughly check their presence. Good companies have proper offices to attend to their customers or at least a designated spot where they operate like a head office or corporate office. This is the first thing you should check before having any discussion with them.

2. Does it have a Website?

Having a website is a prerequisite for good companies to establish authority. This is nothing but a virtual address where you find everything about them. The better the site, the higher the likelihood of the company being good. Good companies are well aware of this fact and hence they do everything to give their customers a good first impression. It generally has all the information and details about their services, their history, presence and contact details.

3. Are There Testimonials on the Website?

You would often find good companies to have a lot of testimonials from their happy and satisfied customers. Testimonials substantiate that the company is indeed good and the customers are satisfied with their services. Testimonials helps you find out whether or not the customers are genuinely happy or not.

These are some of the basic factors you must check about the moving company. Now besides these, there are some important questions to ask.

Questions You Need to Ask Your Chosen Moving Company are as follows:

1. Does it have the Correct Packaging Such as Boxes and Bubble Wrap to Protect Your Valuables?

There are always objects that need extra care and attention while they are being moved. Good moving companies are well aware of the damage that these household objects can incur. For that reason, they always use protective sheets such as boxes or bubble wraps to offer extra protection. It ensures there is no damage whatsoever. When it comes to sensitive items such as TV, Furniture, Glass Cabinets or others, even a little scratch can take all the beauty away.

2. Does it Put Blankets on the Floor of the Truck to Protect Your Furniture

Good companies keep customer satisfaction on top of everything. You can notice these little things from how they operate. They lay blankets and protective coating on the floor and walls of the truck to keep your furniture protected. It is advisable to have these conversations with the mover before you sign the contract.

3. Does it have a Hoisting Service to Safely Move Large Objects?

You should also check whether or not they have a hoisting service to smoothly transport all the heavy objects. Asking these things is important because you won’t want to be charged extra. Make sure the moving company you are going to hire has all the resources to perform the moving job smoothly and seamlessly.

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How MegaShift Logistics is the most reliable moving company in Cape Town

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