Complete Guide for House Moving this New Year 2022

A new year often comes with new beginnings too. 2022 will not just be a change of the calendar, for many, it’ll also be a change of career, change of home, change of the city. People will start their new endeavours with the start of the year 2022. And as much as it is exciting, it also means additional work of moving to a new house.

Unlike a holiday journey, house moving requires planning and packing lots more things. And it could be stressful if you have to do it all by yourself and do not have a proper plan to do it.

Avoiding common mistakes and planning can make your house moving in 2022 as smooth as possible. Use this article as a complete guide for the house moving this New Year 2022.

5 Tips to make the house moving easier in 2022

1. Declutter

Packing all your things can be overwhelming. But you can make it easier by sorting all your stuff in two sections: one you are going to take with you and the second you no longer need.

Cut off unnecessary things as much as possible. Make sure to do a ruthless purge of unused or unnecessary items before you begin packing boxes for moving.

Decluttering will save you a lot of packing time and provide you with more space on the moving truck.

2. Save Money

House moving can be expensive, but still, you can save some money by setting a budget. A budget can help you decide if you can afford a full-service move or shared load move.

It will ensure that you do not put an extra burden on your pocket. Another best way to save money is reusing the items from your old house. And if you are looking to hire professional movers, make sure to hire them early.

Waiting could lead to paying higher prices if it’s peak moving season. So save some money here by booking early.

3. Eat Healthy

Often overlooked eating habit during the moving process can become an expensive affair. During house moving day, make sure to pack easy to grab drinks and healthier homemade food to keep your strength up throughout the process.

This way, you’ll not have to stop at multiple restaurants, and you’ll be eating clean too. Considering the pandemic, it will also provide you with additional safety.

But make sure that they are near your reach and don’t accidentally get on the moving truck.

4. Plan a day to schedule the transfer of utilities

Make sure to set your utility plan in motion three weeks before the house moving date. Last-minute scrambling will add to the stress. You can create a list of all your utilities and contact them for planning.

You can schedule your services at your new place a day or two before your moving date. Similarly, you have to ask for the stop utilities at your current location, which you are leaving. Before leaving your old place, do not forget to write down the meter readings.

You must have this information in your hand for billing discrepancies. Next, treat yourself to a hot shower and some soothing music before leaving the old house.

5. Research for hiring professional movers

Now, things are all set to go. But one final thing that will make the moving process most stress-free is hiring professional movers. Find a moving company that suits your requirements and budget.

However, you can start by getting referrals from your family members and friends. Also, you can compare reviews of different companies to choose the best one. If you are looking for a house moving in South African regions like Randburg, Johannesburg, Cape Town, you can hire Mega Shift Logistics.

Mega Shift Logistics is the best house moving company in Johannesburg that focuses entirely on helping you move with absolute convenience and cost-effective way.

Make your house moving less stressful

Moving is a mix of an intensely emotional and stressful experiences.

According to an article in NY Times, “House moving is filled with symbolism, the hope for new beginnings, and crushing disappointments.”

Due to the fear of change, many people feel emotional, fearful, and stressed during their moving.

One may have to do deal with things like:

● Every move comes with a significant change in your life. From change in your location to the layout of your home to even your friends and your favourite cafe. These changes are unavoidable and sometimes can scare you. So, it is obvious to feel stressed at the thought of these significant changes.

● One of the major stress points you have to deal with is money. Many costly things are associated with moving into a new house, even if you live a minimalist life.

Moving will take a lot of time. It will take time to get your possessions settled into a new place. While you’ll be packing-unpacking things and trying to settle-in in the new home, you could feel the blues of moving.

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So these are some practical and proven tips that will make your house moving process easier and faster in 2022. We hope these tips help you make your packing and moving stress-free as well.

And if you need to discuss your house moving with an expert, contact us. Bookings are open for 2022.

Let’s move ahead and pull out a cheerful and hassle-free house move in the new year.

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