10 Home Improvements to Make Before You Move In

Congratulations on your new home! But before you move into your home, you have to make some changes and improvements, as there might be some hidden issues that you fail to mark.

Here are 10 home improvements that you could do before you move in.

1. Flooring 

Flooring is the first thing you should upgrade. Home flooring takes a lot of wear and tear, so it’s better that you redo your flooring before you move in. If you arrange your furniture before upgrading or replacing the flooring, you’ll have to move the furniture twice! So, avoid this extra work and do flooring before moving.

2. Interior Painting

Whether you do the paintwork yourself or hire a professional for it, it is a lot easier to paint an empty room than a fully furnished one. You’d not have to cover or move all the furniture and equipment to get the paint done. In short, it is a hassle-free process. You can also avoid the fresh paint fumes, which give headaches and migraines to some people. So, it is a WIN-WIN situation.   

3. Child Proofing

You do not want your home to be unsafe for your children when they arrive. To avoid accidents or injuries of toddlers, you should do childproofing before moving into your new home. It includes covering outlets, securing cabinets, installing corner and edge bumpers. If the previous homeowners already childproofed everything, ensure that everything is working accurately.

4. Leaks

Leaks can cause a lot of damage if you fail to notice them quickly. Ignoring pipe leaks for a long can lead to water damage, warped and stained walls, invasive black mold, and flooding as well. So, if there are any leaks in your new home, don’t be sluggish in repairing it, or you might have to pay double as it can cause more damages later! Check every pipe to make it leakproof before you move in

5. Exterior Locks

No matter how friendly your previous owner or neighbours seems, replace all the exterior locks. You don’t know who else might have copies of the key and how safe the previous locks are. For optimum safety for you and your family, replace all crucial locks with newer ones before moving in with your family. Updated locks will limit the number of people who can access the home.

6. Popcorn Ceilings

There is a strong chance you will find popcorn ceilings and walls if you are moving into an older home. They may also contain asbestos and other irritants, which can be toxic for you and your family. You’d not want to start your new life in a toxic home environment. Professional popcorn ceilings and walls removal are quite simple, but it’s also messy. Get it done before the move to make it healthier for your family.

7. Closet Shelving and Organisation

Packing and unpacking is the most crucial and tiresome part of moving. To make your packing smooth and quick, install proper closet fixtures before moving. It will give you more space to keep your stuff organized when they arrive at your new place. If you push this until you move with family members, you’ll have to keep everything out (the big pile of your clothes) and wait until all the closet fittings are installed.

8. Fencing

If you have children or pets who like to play in the backyard, you should ensure that the house that you are moving into has proper fencing. If there is no suitable fencing, make sure you get one installed by a fencing contractor. Discuss your requirements and options before your move.

9. Call Pest Control

Bugs and insects in your new home is a big disappointment. Even if you don’t notice any termite in the initial inspection and didn’t see any bugs, insects, or mice, it doesn’t put you in the clear. Insects are highly mobile creatures that can move into a home within just a day or two! Hire a professional pest control company to make your new home bugs and insects proof before you move in.

10. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Moving altogether creates a lot of chaos! And when you decide to move to a new place, there are high chances of fire accidents. Ensure every smoke detector in your new home is working properly before you moving in. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Also, check if there is sufficient battery in smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. If not, install fresh ones.

Moving to a new home is a big moment. You might experience a lot of hurdles and don’t know what the next issue could be! To make your move a lot more relaxed and comfortable, you can hire professional home removal companies in South Africa. They take care of most of your moving worries and get your stuff packed and delivered to your new home while you take care of other duties. 

We hope these 10 home improvements will be helpful. And if you want any professional moving help in South Africa, contact us. We don’t just deliver, we take care!

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