Types of Packing Materials Used in Moving

Using the right kind of packaging materials is a crucial part of the moving process! It doesn’t matter if you are moving your office, shop or your home. You have to take care of heavy pieces of furniture, fragile home appliances, electronics, delicate crockery, and more.

The most important part is the type of packaging materials and packing essentials to use. A professional furniture removal company knows which packaging material is appropriate. If you are confused about the packing part for your next move, the following information will help you clear all confusion!

Common Packaging Material Used in the Moving Process

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Any moving process is incomplete without this resourceful packaging material! They are made of a single layer of a sheet with heavy paper-pulp. Corrugated cardboard boxes are the most popular and durable packaging materials for long-distance removals. They are specially designed for the shipping and packaging of products that require special care. It is highly preferred by moving companies as they are easy to handle while loading and unloading. From electronics to clothes to utensils, you can use them to pack anything you want.

Bubble Wrap

There are always high chances of breakage while moving. You should use appropriate packaging materials for your fragile and delicate items. Bubble wrap protects your valuable items from damage while moving as it is an excellent insulator against impacts. The bubbles of sealed air provide a cushion that saves the object from breaking.
PS: – After unpacking, you can pop the air bubbles (clearly, you won’t be able to resist). It is the most fun activity, and it is considered a stress-reliever.

Labels and Markers

Labels and Markers

Labels and makers aren’t the most important type of packaging materials but, they can make your move more organized and relaxed. You can mark and label your boxes. It will make your work super easy during furniture removals. Moving can create a lot of chaos, but labelling the boxes can save a lot of your time and effort while loading and unloading. Remember to use thick labels and markers so it is clearly visible and does not wear off during the moving process.

Packing Foam

Packing foam reduces the chance of damages while moving; no matter how rough handling is, packing foam protects the item from breakage. Packing foam is one of the essential packaging materials for delicate items. It is even lighter than bubble wrap, and you can use it for packing electronics, ceramics, glass items, and all your fragile items. The popular type of packing foam used in packing is Polyurethane (PU) and Polyethylene (PE).

Packing Tape

You might wonder why packing tape is considered essential packaging material for moving. Packing tape secures and seals the packed items in corrugated cardboard boxes. Without a good packing tape, there will be no security of the goods. The boxes may burst open during moving, and the chances of damages are high.

Moving Blankets

While moving, we always tend to take care of our fragile and delicate items. But large and bulky items such as furniture and home appliances also have possibilities to break in the moving process. Packaging materials like moving blankets (also known as furniture padding) acts as a cover and protect the item from breakage. It comes in the shape of a blanket and looks like a thick padded quilt. The way the blanket covers you and gives you warmth, moving blankets wraps the items and prevents them from damages.


Ropes are essential packaging materials for both the loading and unloading processes. It helps in lifting heavy objects to multiple floors. It might not be beneficial in the packing process, but it is necessary to have rope for emergencies and dangerous situations.

Packing plays an indispensable role in the moving process! It can make or break the moving process. You can choose professional packaging services instead of self-packaging to ensure the security and safety of your goods. Professional furniture removal companies take care of everything in moving process from packing to transportation to delivery. Choose a company that will provide you efficient packing using the best packing materials.

We hope this information makes your moving easy, and if you need an expert moving company, Mega Shift Logistics, can help you. We will glad to know that!

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