7 Things To Leave Behind The Next Time You Move

“Without leaving excess baggage from your past, you cannot move to a new place.”

It is true, both figuratively and literally. We are no spiritual guru, so we’ll find the answer to only the literal side of this statement. If you are moving to a new place, to start a new chapter of your life, or maybe even a whole new book, you’ll need to pre-decide what things you want to leave behind first.

Your requirements will be different depending on whether you are moving for a new job, start a family or going for higher education. So you’ll need to leave behind things that you no longer need during your move!

You can sell unwanted items and earn money or donate those items to needy ones and earn blessings, both of them will help you one way or other in moving.

Here are 7 things you can leave behind the next time you move and make your move more organized and relaxed.

1. Everything Build-In

It is best to leave behind anything build-in, embedded or nailed to the walls or ceilings, like kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, etc. You might have spent a lot of money, efforts, and time on them but, removing them can ruin the look of the interiors.

And there’s a high chance that it might not fit nicely to your new place. It might not match the interiors of the new residence, or size could be an issue. So, it is not worth the effort. If you are planning to sell your home, you can also include the price of build-in features.

2. Owner’s Manual

Some home appliances probably won’t be possible to move with you, like water heaters, water softeners, fire ovens, etc. It is also tough to remove them, pack them safely and then fit them into the new residence. You have to call a professional for removal and to arrange everything.

These appliances are necessary and considered a requirement if you are selling or renting your home. Leaving behind these with the owner’s manual can make the work easy for the new residents. It will be helpful for them to operate and maintain the appliances, schedule service calls, and order replacement parts.

3. Leftover Paint

You might have some leftover paint from the last renovation. Don’t load your moving truck with the remaining paint. It can spill and spoil the stuff that is more than it’s worth. There is a very slim chance that you will use the same shade of colour in the new home, as you might want something new and fresh.

The new residents will be grateful if they found the correct shade of colours to cover up the scratches and scuffs that may have occurred during moving. Store the paint cans in a safe place, under the sink, or in a garage so that the new residents can find them easily.

4. Curtains

Leaving behind the old curtains can make your packing easy, as removing curtains and curtain rods is a big hassle. They are not replaced until they are useless and worn off.

The old curtains will be full of dust and dirt, and you do not want anything dirty in your new residence. And just as there will be new shades of paint there, you’ll also want something that matches those paint. So it will be anyway waste.

It is the best time to get new curtains according to the interiors of your new home. Matching curtains automatically enhances the look of the whole house. The new owners will also be grateful to find the coverings in the home.

5. Old Clothing

Leaving behind the old clothing might be one of the best and most courageous decisions. Go through your closet carefully and declutter every item in your closet before packing them up. There’s no point in packing clothes with you which you don’t wear and are of no use. Do not take more than you need. You can also donate or sell the rest of them for extra cash.

6. House Plants and Outdoor Plants

Leave behind your house plants and outdoor plants if you are relocating to a long-distance in different weather conditions. Some plants require specific conditions to grow and survive.

And as these plants have adapted to the local weather, taking your plants with you may harm or kill them due to steep temperature fluctuations, and they can get severely damaged during the move. You can gift your plants to your neighbours or friends. It is best that you look for some new local plants for your new home.

7. Kitchen Junk

At last, thoroughly declutter your kitchen and get rid of things that you will not require anymore. Remove all the items like similar cooking utensils, take-out menus, chipped dishware, and unused appliances. It will make organizing the kitchen in your new home smooth and easy, and there will be more space to add new kitchen appliances.

Moving into a new place is a great adventure! Leaving behind the unnecessary items creates new space for gains, experiences, growth, and opportunities. If you want to move with ease in our around South Africa, contact one of the best moving company in Johannesburg, Megashift Logistics. We promise that your move goes smoothly and safely, whether it’s the next town move or long distance removals.

If this information was helpful for you in any way, do let us know and share it with your family and friends who are planning to move.

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