Tips for Safely Moving During Pregnancy Period

Moving to a new place is always exhausting and doing it during the pregnancy is even more strenuous. From planning everything to packing to loading to unloading, moving is tedious.

Arranging a complete move by yourself during such times is not only difficult but also highly risky. One needs to be extra careful to move safely during the pregnancy period.

According to doctors, moving can be done during pregnancy and should not cause concern as long as you do it right. But now the question arises, how do we make sure we move safely.

For that, we have some expert tips for safely moving during the pregnancy period that you must keep in mind.

6 Tips for Safely Moving in South Africa During Pregnancy Period

1. Talk to your doctor about moving house while pregnant

Consulting your doctor before even planning your move goes without saying. Apart from you, your doctor is the most aware of your condition and the pregnancy cycle. Unless there’s any complication, it is safe to travel during pregnancy.

As Health and Safety norms state, women should not lift anything heavier than 18 pounds if the pregnancy period is less than 20 weeks and around 13 pounds over 20 weeks, it is safer to not involve in the loading-unloading process at all. Let the professionals handle it all.

2. Give yourself plenty of time to pack for the move

Don’t rush when it comes to packing and moving household goods. Plan and prepare well in advance, so there is no last-minute pressure. It is advisable to take enough breaks and rest during the packing and moving process.

Take care of your body and maintain good posture throughout the process. Whether it is the packing phase or moving day itself, you should take utmost care.

3. Pack essential pregnancy items in clear bins for moving day

Make sure you declutter all the items and streamline them for easy handling on the moving day.
You will be able to manage everything a lot easier if everything is sorted already. Keep all your pregnancy items carefully for a smoother transition.

4. Let others move the heavy furniture

Don’t carry heavy items during pregnancy. So don’t do the heavy lifting yourself during the packing and loading-unloading process.

Ask someone to help in lifting pieces of furniture. You can seek help from your neighbours, friends, or family members to arrange the household items.

Or you can look out for moving companies that offer end-to-end services that include packing and unpacking the furniture and other heavy items.

5. Seek support to take care of other children on moving day

Seek support from relatives or babysitters to take care of your kids or pets while you are busy with the moving process.

There are tens of tasks and activities during home moving. So, it’s better to get all the help you can get to keep the moving process less clumsy.

Don’t burden yourself with tasks that can easily be handled by others too. Such things may lead to anxiety and stress. Take help or hire someone if you feel there is a need.

6. Hire the Moving Company

One of the easiest ways to make your moving process smooth and stress-free is to hire a professional furniture removal company in South Africa.

But make sure they provide you end to end services, don’t just go for a moving company due to cheaper rates. It might save some bucks but might end up giving you more stress.

Talk to the moving company before hiring them and get straight with your expectations from and during the moving process.

Special mention that you are pregnant, so they can be extra careful in involving you in any part of moving.

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Apart from these steps also, take care of small things like drinking enough fluids and energy drinks to keep yourself hydrated during moving.

Even if you are not physically doing anything in the move, it will be stressful for you. So,

● Make sure you are full of energy on the moving day.
● Wear shoes and clothes that support you moving freely and safely.
● Be more careful on the stairs.
● Make sure you are watchful of what you are carrying.
● Stay away from chemicals and toxins such as paints, strong fragrances, and other harsh toxins.

If you are planning to move anywhere in South Africa, Mega shift Logistics can give you the end-to-end services you are looking for.

Contact us to book your moving dates or get a free quote for your moving requirements. Take it light & easy, and let the professionals handle it!

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